Additional Visual Information


Round Ripples 1.5"

Size: 1 ½" Circle

  • Color: White Sand

Three-dimensional ceramic tile which incorporates a special hand-sculpting technique to create tiles that are truly one-of-a-kind. No two tiles are the same.
(Sunset Bronze glaze contains multiple color variations between pieces)

CoverageSheet = 0.991 SF
Tile Size(mm)42
Tile Thickness(mm)8 - 12
MountingMesh Mounted

Interior Wall/BackflashYes
Fireplace/Cooktop surroundYes*
Shower wallYes
Steam showNo**
Exterior wallYes

Poor, Spa or Water Feature
(fully submerge)


Floor Application

Steam showerNoNo
Light residentialYes▲No

"* Acceptable for all walls and sporadic exposure near open flame or heat source, including fireplace wall/cooktop surround. Not recommended for placement inside a firebox. ** Metallic Glazes Dark Silver and Sunset Bronze are not recommended for installation in pools, spas, water features or steam showers. All other colors are acceptable. ▲ Round Ripples in White Sand ONLY, no other patterns or colors are acceptable."

Notes on Material

Namibia is a high temperature fired clay suitable for interior wall use and limited exterior use. See the Recommended Usage & Floor Applications charts for details.

Please review the Recommended Usage & Floor Applications charts before purchase, and see our Ceramic Installation Guidelines for further information.

Series overview

The clay pans, rocky outcrops, and endless rippling dunes of the Namibia desert landscape bring inspiration for this three-dimensional ceramic tile series. Each tile is sculpted by hand and no two tiles are the same. The undulating patterns engage a sense of adventure and rejuvenation — like the discovery of a hidden oasis.

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