4 ¾ x 9 ½

Size: 4 ¾ x 9 ½"

  • Color: Molten Bronze


Handcrafted ceramic field tile with a variety of options for personal expression. From subtly textured charcoal surfaces to metallic bronze and colorful artistic pigments – the juxtaposition of color, light and shadow evokes emotion and drama.

(Note on colors: Molten Bronze contains multiple color variations between pieces.)

Coverage0.310 SF per Piece
Tile Size(mm)120 x 240
Tile Thickness(mm)10
MountingLoose Piece

Interior Wall/BackflashYes
Fireplace/Cooktop surroundYes*
Shower wallYes
Steam showYes
Exterior wallYes**

Poor, Spa or Water Feature
(fully submerge)


Floor Application

Steam showerNoNo
Light residentialYesNo

* Acceptable for limited and sporadic exposure near open flame or heat source, including fireplace wall/cooktop surround. Not recommended for placement inside a firebox. 

** When Graphite series tile is placed in an exterior application, it is strongly recommended to seal the entire assembly after installation. 

▲ Molten Bronze is NOT acceptable for use in a submerged or partially submerged application, such as a pool, spa, water feature. All other colors are acceptable.

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