Edge Liner

Size: 1/2 x 12"

  • Color: Napoli White


Natural, white statuary marble with subtle veining and honed, smooth finish in a ½ x 12” liner that works beautifully as border, trim, or molding.

The Vesuvio liner and field material can be used on their own or works seamlessly with our Vesuvio mosaic patterns that combine marble mosaics with our Agate glass mosaics. Develop additional design creations by combining with any of our other LBT products.

Coverage0.999 Pieces per LF
Tile Size(mm)12 x 305
Tile Thickness(mm)18
MountingLoose Pieces


Interior Wall/BacksplashYes
Fireplace/Cooktop SurroundYes*
Shower WallYes
Steam ShowerYes
Exterior WallYes
Pool, Spa or Water FeatureNo


Floor Application

Steam showerNoNo
Light residentialNoNo

* Acceptable for limited and sporadic exposure near open flame or heat source, including fireplace wall/cooktop surround. Not recommended for placement inside a firebox. 

Note: The Vesuvio series utilizes Natural Stone. We strongly recommend sealing the product with penetrating sealer immediately after installation, as is recommended for any natural stone installation. Please see our Care and Maintenance for best care practices.

Notes on Material

Vesuvio mosaic patterns combine hand-crafted glass from our Agate series, and natural white, statuary marble. These materials create a contrast of textures, colors, and finishes. Vesuvio field patterns are larger stone tiles from the same marble quarry, but without glass.

Glass characteristics will show variation in color, shade, size, minor edge irregularities (including occasional chipped sides/edges), and surface texture (such as fissures, folds, and bubbles). These are common, natural characteristics of our handmade glass tiles and should be expected. These characteristics are the direct result of the artisan's interaction and craft with the glass medium, producing one-of-a-kind tiles intended to enhance the beauty and tone of the space.

Natural stone is a product of nature, and no two stones are exactly alike. Because of the natural variation in this type of material, there can be inherent color variation and/or vein & fossil variation within lots. Therefore, variations in color, pattern, texture, and veining must be accepted prior to installation. To achieve optimal results in shading, layout and design, tile should be randomly selected from multiple boxes during installation. We recommend a minimum of 10% overage on all orders. Please take care when grouting and protect surface from abrasion. Installation constitutes acceptance. We advise retaining control samples to aid in color matching if additional material is required (match not guaranteed). Since variations are common in natural stone products, we recommend final selection be made from an actual tile mock-up.

 Natural stone must be sealed prior to the grouting process, again upon completion of installation and periodically thereafter to enhance and maintain the beauty of the stone.

Samples and photos are representative but may not indicate all variations of natural stone or our handcrafted glass tiles.

Please review the Recommended Usage & Floor Applications charts before purchase, and see our Stone/ Vesuvio Installation Guidelines for further information.

Series overview

  • White Natural Stone & Hand-Crafted Glass Mosaics from Agate Series
  • 4 Mosaic Patterns in 6 Colorways (Mesh Mounted)
  • 3 Stone Field and 1 Stone Liner Also Available

From a heritage of mosaics erupts Vesuvio—a mixed media mosaic series that combines glimmering glass with natural white marble. Elegant yet durable, the natural stone creates a beauty only achieved after millions of years of nature working her magic. The glass is evocative of semi-precious stone found in volcanic formations. In concert, the simple geometric patterns become the timeless foundation for many interior styles.

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