Additional Visual Information


Surf Rail

Size: 2 ½ x 9 ½”

  • Color: Pacific


The slightly raised edge gives this Shinju series molding piece a subtle dimension that can be used as an accent or transition for a variety of project styles.

(Moonstone glaze color may show shade variation between batches)
(Cape Pearl, Pacific and Olympia glazes contain multiple color variations between pieces)

Coverage1.27 LF per Piece
Tile Size(mm)60 x 240
Tile Thickness(mm)8-15
MountingLoose Pieces

Interior Wall/BackflashYes
Fireplace/Cooktop surroundYes*
Shower wallYes
Steam showYes**
Exterior wallYes

Poor, Spa or Water Feature
(fully submerge)


Floor Application

Steam showerNoNo
Light residentialNoNo

"* Acceptable for limited and sporadic exposure near open flame or heat source, including fireplace wall/cooktop surround. Not recommended for placement inside a firebox.

** Metallic Glazes (Cape Pearl, Pacific and Olympia) are not recommended for installation in pools, spas, water features or steam showers. All other colors are acceptable.

Notes on Material

Shinju is a high temperature fired clay suitable for indoor and outdoor use on walls and low traffic residential floors, showers and steam showers. The metallic glazes in colors Cape Pearl, Olympia and Pacific are not suitable for submerged water applications.

Please review the Recommended Usage & Floor Applications charts before purchase, and see our Ceramic Installation Guidelines for further information.

Series overview

Shinju, which means “pearl” in Japanese, translates the shimmer of pearls, the ridges of oyster shells, the surrounding reefs, and the movement of the ocean into a handcrafted ceramic tile series. The effect is one of modern elegance with coastal inspiration and a nod to nature’s artistry.

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