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We are honored our tiles play a part in these gorgeous spaces and hope they bring inspiration to your project (and imagination).

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Barndominium - Maine showing Shinju Reef in Pacific by Lunada Bay Tile

This amazing barn-makeover features a counter-to-ceiling kitchen wall covered in our hand-crafted Japanese ceramics from the Shinju series. The pop of warm, bronze color with subtle movement and random texture in the tiles create a strong visual focus within this large minimalistic-styled space.

Shinju, which means “pearl” in Japanese, harvests inspiration from the shimmer of pearls, the ridges of oyster shells, the surrounding reefs, and the movement of the ocean into a handcrafted ceramic tile series. The effect is one of modern elegance with coastal inspiration and a nod to nature’s artistry.

Shinju Reef Kitchen
The Pacific color glaze on the Shinju Reef pattern covering the backsplash and back wall feels right at home in this modern kitchen showcasing both natural materials and metallic finishes.
Hotel Lobby w/ Shinju Reef
The blend of glossy and matte finishes of the Shinju Pacific glaze and the varied textured Reef pattern scaling this high lobby wall adds another level of warmth and dimension. (Located at the Hazel SouthPark in Charlotte, NC.)
JAW (Just Add Water) Border Accents on Concrete Wall

Glass mosaic border patterns create colorful and textural accents among the field of Contourz concrete tiles on this shower wall. Seen: JAW (Just Add Water) Zing 1x3 Border in Abruzzo, Contourz 6x9 in Irony, with Shinju Liners in Olympia.

(Field material of the Zing 1x3 is also available when the border width or height needs to be increased for your personal design needs.)