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We are honored our tiles play a part in these gorgeous spaces and hope they bring inspiration to your project (and imagination).

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Pool & outdoor water feature w/ Shibui mosaics in Zinc - LBT

The walkway to this residence’s entry is reminiscent of stepping stones across a stream and is playful while giving the feeling one has arrived to an oasis retreat. The Shibui hand-crafted glass mosaics embrace a sense of pristine, invigorating waters that welcome home both residents and guests.

In the living space out back, the same colored Shibui tiles cover the relaxing spa and blend harmoniously with the surrounding nature and encourage that sense to enjoy the view.

Shibui glass mosaics take inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic of beauty that celebrates subtlety and simplicity. Elegant and tranquil on the surface, there is more to Shibui than meets the eye. The tiles are handmade by artisans who stretch and pull layers of transparent and opaque glass to create variations in shade, tone, and texture.

Pool w/ Agate 1x1 & Martini in Portofino Pearl by LBT

Outdoor living space surrounds a relaxing pool clad with Portofino colored, hand-crafted glass mosaics from our Agate series. 1x1 Mosaic covers the spillway, inside the pool, and across the back wall, while our hexagonal Martini shape frames the pool along the front wall.

As the name suggests, the Agate glass series is evocative of semi-precious stone found in volcanic formations. Inspired by old world Venetian glass makers whose creations exhibited both translucent and opaque characteristics, Agate's colorful, hand-crafted banding visually combines the solidarity of stone, the translucency of air, and the fluidity of water.

Pool & spa w/ Tozen 1x2 in Iodine Natural by Lunada Bay Tile

This spa and waterline covered in our hand-crafted Tozen 1x2 Brick glass mosaics in Iodine Natural create the feeling of a freshwater pool formed among the dunes of this beachfront home.

Like the art of watercolor, the Tozen series uses transparency, pigment, and light. Our artists use translucent glass to juxtapose luminosity and darkness, transparency and opacity, rest and movement. The results are soft, flowing movements of rich colors married to transparent molten glass.

Linen Ceramic Tile Pool & Spa in Denim color by Lunada Bay Tile

Pool waterline and spa features our subtle linen textured ceramic tile as focal point of this gorgeous backyard oasis.

The Linen hand-crafted, ceramic tile series is distinct and concise with its representation of a traditional linen material and easy style. Consider the unique interplay of texture and color: textured tiles can either emphasize or soften the vibrancy of hues in a space, depending on the surrounding elements. These tiles offer a unique versatility that can adapt to a range of design styles. Whether you seek a rustic charm or a sleek, modern aesthetic, Linen provides an elegant solution.

Tommy Bahama Cocos Keeling Pool & Spa

This lovely dessert pool is looking fabulous, clad in Tommy Bahama® glass mosaic tile. The choice of the Cocos Keeling colorway is spot-on. Those cool hues of soft blues and a hint of gray-green are so enticing, especially in the heat of a southwest summer! The pool/spa area is a perfect oasis — part of a delightful indoor-outdoor living space. How fabulous to have such a delightful place to take a quick dip while cooking outside at the barbecue!