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Size: ¾ x 9 ½”

  • Color: Black Iron


Flat rectangular trim piece, in Graphite's Black Iron color, to create accents, edges, transitions and more. (Liners are glazed on three sides.)

Coverage"0.787 LF per Piece
Tile Size(mm)20 x 240
Tile Thickness(mm)12
MountingLoose Pieces


Interior Wall/BackflashYes
Fireplace/Cooktop surroundYes*
Shower wallYes
Steam showYes
Exterior wallYes**

Poor, Spa or Water Feature
(fully submerge)


Floor Application

Steam showerNoNo
Light residentialNoNo

* Acceptable for limited and sporadic exposure near open flame or heat source, including fireplace wall/cooktop surround. Not recommended for placement inside a firebox.

** Acceptable for use or installation in pools, spas, water features and exterior walls. Textured surface may require sealer and/or more frequent maintenance.

Notes on Material

Graphite ceramic tile features a textured surface that is enhanced by a high-quality artistic matte glaze. Grout release or pre-sealing is recommended prior to grouting.

Please review the Recommended Usage & Floor Applications charts before purchase, and see our Ceramic Installation Guidelines for further information.

Series overview

Artists throughout the centuries have used charcoal to sketch the outlines of frescos, or create illustrated masterpieces. LBT takes inspiration from this art medium for the Graphite series. The subtly textured tile has the appearance of soft pencil or charcoal, bringing groundedness or drama through its black iron shading.

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