Inspiration Gallery / Tommy Bahama Kapa Sitting Room
Photo Credit: Zack Benson


Tommy Bahama Kapa Sitting Room

Living Space

This sitting room wall is covered with Kapa from our Tommy Bahama collection of handcrafted concrete tiles. The pattern seen here is Tide Dye, named after the heritage Tommy Bahama® fabric with the same name. The tile emulates the feeling of rising and ebbing tides. The dimensionality and texture of this luxe concrete tile creates an energetic and captivating backdrop.

Reinterpreting Tommy Bahama's most iconic textile prints, Kapa architectural concrete tiles are inspired by elements of the exotic: sumptuous tropical fabrics, lush palm fronds, and waves lapping along a quiet shoreline. The dimensional surfaces add subtle, luxe texture to walls and coordinate with Tommy Bahama Glass Blends and other Lunada Bay Tile glass collections.