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Tommy Bahama Cocos Keeling Kitchen


This cool and welcoming white and blue kitchen is a tranquil spot to gather in this modern, traditional home. The backsplash is a knockout. The Tommy Bahama® Zig and Zag pattern gives the space great energy and visual interest. The variety in the tile’s color and finish creates depth and plays beautifully with the light. The tile is sophisticated, without being uptight, elegant yet relaxing. It draws the eye without demanding all the attention in the room. This mosaic tile is such a beautiful backdrop in this lovely kitchen.

The Cocos Keeling inspired colorway features whisper-soft blues and a hint of gray-green make up this lustrous blend. Australia's last untouched paradise lies in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, kissed by the sun and caressed by fragrant trade winds. Only two of the 27 islands are inhabited; the rest await your exploration.

Design Credits: Liliblue Interior Design