Inspiration Gallery / Namibia Ripples & Shinju Reef
Photo Credit: Zack Benson


Namibia Ripples & Shinju Reef

Kitchen, Living Space

The tiles created at Lunada Bay Tile are designed to work alone or combined with any of our tile series for endless opportunities for your personal design. Here, Namibia Square Ripples in Sunset Bronze with Shinju Reef in Pacific creates a wall that sheens with amazing dimension, texture, and metallic glazes.

The three-dimensional ceramic tiles in our Namibia series is inspired by the clay pans, rocky outcrops, and endless rippling dunes of that desert landscape. Each tile is made by an artisan using a special hand-sculpting technique to create tiles that are truly one-of-a-kind. The undulating patterns engage a sense of adventure and rejuvenation — like the discovery of a hidden oasis.

The Shinju series harvests inspiration from oysters, pearls, and the waters in which they live. Just as time and place affects an oyster's appearance, and the pearls they create, the texture and color of Shinju reflects the light and style of its surroundings. The series works beautifully on its own or in combination with any of our other ceramic, glass, and concrete tile collections.