Inspiration Gallery / Mistral Oasis
Photo Credit: Zack Benson


Mistral Oasis

Living Space

Colors, like those of a thriving oasis, bring a feeling of nature to your space, engage the senses, and connect us to the space around us. The triangle motif pattern seen here is representative of the amulet of protection designs seen in Kilim rugs, and is also influenced by Art Deco style, creating a personal and inspired feeling of sanctuary and home.

The Mistral collection reinterprets the heritage of Zellige tiles for the modern day. Time-honored methods perfected and passed over generations in Fez, Morroco create individual hand-chiseled tile pieces in modern shapes and patterns. Unique to Mistral, lead-free Italian glazes are applied to the Zellige tiles to achieve a striking, fresh palette curated for today’s distinctive interiors and exteriors.