Inspiration Gallery / Feather Birdscape
Photo Credit: Zack Benson


Feather Birdscape

Living Space

Our patented Luce Feather shape brings a unique and sophisticated yet playful surface that transforms the light within the room, and the nature-inspired color palette brings in a feeling of the outdoors that easily brings connection within the space. Seen here in Mineral Springs in an iridescent Pearl finish.

The bird sculptures shown are some of the original explorations into what became Birdscape. (Follow the links below for closest offerings of the current line.)

Expand your design horizons with Luce, a medley of softly textured, hand-crafted glass mosaics that transform unexpected shapes into artistic patterns. Keeping on trend with today's movement in color, the semi-opaque tiles in subtle pastel hues absorb and reflect the nuances of light and color in the space around them.