Hand Crafted Glass Tile Characteristics

Sophistication And Craftmanship Produced Daily

It is often said that life is not perfect. When considered, natural, organic beauty is not “perfect”. Whether it is dimples, freckles, or some out-of-the-ordinary quality – these characteristics have become signs of uniqueness and beauty resulting from the nuances of life, genetics, and chance.

At Lunada Bay Tile, we inject life into our tiles. Every one of our handcrafted glass tiles is formed and manipulated by our skilled artisans. They apply both traditional craftmanship and modern techniques to create effects unlike any other source in the industry.

Each piece of glass tile is imbued with character and traits from our creative process. The results offer a mix of sophistication and craftmanship many people are looking for today. For those people, our tiles provide the simple joy of hand-made objects and the endless details discovered in them over time.

Common, natural characteristics of our handmade glass tiles include:

  • Variation in color, shade, and size
  • Surface texture (such as fissures, folds, and bubbles)
  • Minor edge irregularities (including occasional chipped edges)
  • No two tiles are exactly the same

Important Note: These surface characteristics are not within the body of glass and do not create structural problems or sacrifice the integrity of the tiles. Through all performance testing, the results are the same for tiles with these surface characteristics and without.

For Best Results With Your Glass Tile Installation

It is important to take the time and care to fully clean and polish the tile surface as the final step of installation. When tiles are not fully cleaned, and grout remains in a fissure or other surface characteristic, the tile may appear as if cracked or lead one to believe there are flaws in the glass. Fully completing all steps of the installation process will restore the natural luster to the glass and promote the enjoyment, beauty, and other inherent benefits of the glass tiles through many years ahead.

Visit the Resources section of our website for written instructions and tutorial videos as well as recommendations for care & maintenance of our glass tiles.

Before purchasing our tiles, be sure to review the Recommended Usage & Floor Applications to confirm your tile selection can be used in your space.

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