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Lewa Tide-Dye
Lewa (6" x 12") Tide-Dye (6" x 12")
A breathtaking interpretation of tropical foliage Named after the heritage Tommy Bahama fabric of the same name, this tile emulates the feeling of rising and ebbing tides
Palm Retreat Shangri-La
Palm Retreat (6" x 12") Shangri-La (6" x 12")
Evokes the feeling of lush palms swaying in the breeze Wispy pattern of fern fronds conjure images of a tranquil paradise
(Shangri-La should be installed in Off-set pattern only)
Homespun Homespun Liner
Homespun (6" x 12") Homespun Liner (1½" x 12")
This softly textured, versatile tile is inspired by natural linen fabric  
Kapa Pattern Selection

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