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Ka-nū [kǎ-]

Japanese for canoe, the Ka-nū series is led by the colorful, streamlined vessels that traverse serene waterways, whitewater rapids, and surging waves. The ceramic tile collection comprises three architecturally dimensional surfaces: Keel, Plank, and Buoy Mosaic. With each tile, artisans implement a specialized glazing process to create vibrant pearlized colors with an exquisite luster. The diverse selection of hues and color blends are available in all three patterns to reach your desired destination.

Applications & Testing

Ka-nū Care And Cleaning

Important note on material: Ka-nu Ceramic Tile is a high fired clay that incorporates high-luster glazes with unique installation and application attributes.  Please review the Applications & Testing chart for usage, and follow the link for the Installation Guide below.

Colors Standard Patterns Blends
Colors Patterns Blends
Ka-nū   Gallery   Ceramic

Ka-nū Gallery

  Installation Guide

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