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Haisen [ˈhā sen]

By tradition, a sake drinking cup was washed in a decorative bowl filled with water, called a Haisen, and then shared to show respect and deepen friendship. Today, the word "Haisen" also refers to the vessels that display flower petals floating on water. Lunada Bay Tile’s Haisen collection is handcrafted by melding streams of colored glass that drift and unite in a multitude of hues. The swirl and flow of color create transformative moods ranging from quiet, meditative fields of vision to spaces of warm celebration and camaraderie.

Glass Maintenance

Note on handcrafted material: Our hand-made process incorporates creases, wrinkles, waves, bubbles and other surface effects indicative of hand-made glass, all designed to capture light and enhance the final beauty of the project. Variation in color, shade, surface texture, size and minor edge irregularities (including occasional chipped sides/edges) are natural characteristics of all our products and should be expected. Samples and photos provided are representative, but may not indicate all variations of these characteristics.

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Haisen Refresh Introduction (video)

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