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Haisen [ˈhā sen]
origin: Japanese

1. a small vessel or bowl in which sake cups are rinsed

Sake dates back thousands of years, to the earliest days of rice cultivation in Asia. As people's sake-drinking traditions shifted towards drinking from small, individual cups rather than a large vessel, a new custom emerged. Cups were washed, in a vessel called a haisen, to show respect and deepen friendship between individuals. Today, the word "haisen" also refers to decorative water vessels that display floating flowers. The Haisen collection  is handcrafted by melding streams of colored glass to produce a multitude of hues that transform appearance depending on the finish.

Glass Maintenance

Note on handcrafted material: Our hand-made process incorporates creases, wrinkles, waves, bubbles and other surface effects indicative of hand-made glass, all designed to capture light and enhance the final beauty of the project. Variation in color, shade, surface texture, size and minor edge irregularities (including occasional chipped sides/edges) are natural characteristics of all our products and should be expected. Samples and photos provided are representative, but may not indicate all variations of these characteristics.

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