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Contourz Zen Break A Textile Imberline Tomei 3 x 12
Origami Shinju Crest in Pacific used for a bathroom wall Shibui 1/2 x 1 Herringbone in Sevres Blue Silk used in on a bathroom floor. Designer: Lisa Michael Interiors. Photo: Jessica Glynn Photography.
Agate Tozen Martini Argon Silk used in bathroom backsplash and shower surround. (featured in the January 2015 issue of San Diego Home & Garden - Design: Lilium Designs Inc. Photographer: Martin Mann) Agate
Tozen Martini Ahou Natural. Design by room TEN design ( <a href="http://www.roomtendesign.com" target="_blank">www.roomtendesign.com</a> ) and photo by Tyler Mallory ( <a href="http://tylermallory.com" target="_blank">tylermallory.com</a> ) Agate Hexagonal Pisa Pearl used in a backsplash Origami Vesper Twist Ivory • Shinju Reef Kumamoto
Agate Rio Sumi-e Sumi-e 1 x 2 Hokkaido Natural used in a shower surround, Sumi-e 1/2 x 1 Brick Hokkaido Natural used on a bath surround - Design by Cathy Schwabe Architecture, Photography by © David Wakely
Agate Mizumi Monochromatic 1 x 1 Mosaic - Colors Monochromatic Clear and Teal Pearl - Sumi-e Izu Natural Agate
Marbleized 1x4 Tomei Blend Marbleized Penny Round used as a backsplash and shower and floor inset • Color: Sevres Blue Silk
Agate ½ x 4 Brick used as a backsplash • Color: Verona PearlAgate ½ x 4 Brick used as a backsplash • Color: Verona Pearl Sumi-e Monochromatic Pearl 1 x 1 Sage Pearl used as a border accent in a bathroom
Tomei Blends Sumi-e Herringbone Hida Natural used in a Bathroom Sumi-e
Marbleized Mini Brick Ippei Pearl used in a Bathroom Sumi-e Herringbone Hida Natural used in a Bathroom Sumi-e
Marbleized Sumi-e Sumi-e Large Brick Izu Natural used in a sink and tub surround
Sumi-e Gendai Agate Martini Ribbed Bassano Pearl with Glow Gold Latte Flat Bars Used in a shower surround
Sumi-e Agate Agate Martini Firenze Silk used in a shower • Photos by Erika Bierman erikabiermanphotography.com • Design: Charmean Neithart Interiors
Rainbow Pisces 09 used in a shower niche • Photos by Erika Bierman www.erikabiermanphotography.com • Design: Charmean Neithart Interiors Buyi Stacked Blend White Gold / Sumi-e Izu Silk used as a backsplash and shower inset Marbleized Penny Round South Beach Pearl used as a backsplash and shower inset
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Bathroom Inspirations