Inspiration Gallery / Shelter Island Bathroom
Photo Credit: Zack Benson

Shelter Island

Shelter Island Bathroom


Playful use of tiles from Shelter Island, a new series for the Jonathan Adler by Lunada Bay Tile collection, reverberates with a mid-century modern feel. Circle motifs are graphic and pop — especially in a modern space with otherwise clean lines and angles — but they also make us feel confident and harmonious? Perhaps it’s that circles have no beginning and no end, or that they symbolically tend to represent wholeness… psychologically, circles give us the sense of completion which in turn, helps us RELAX. And what better space to use them than a bathroom where we want to feel tranquil and unwind? It’s one of the many reasons we are so fond of the Orbit pattern from our new Jonathan Adler Shelter Island collection.

Potter, designer, and purveyor of Modern American Glamour, Jonathan Adler brings his signature couture craft to Lunada Bay Tile with a new collection. Think an abundance of craftsmanship, a dash of eclecticism, and a wink of mid-century magic—all reimagined through the lens of traditional hand-sculpted Japanese ceramics.

Inspired by the tones of the land, sea, and air surrounding Jonathan’s iconic home, these quiet, semi-matte hues are harmonious with both minimalist and maximalist spaces. Finished with semi-transparent glazes that accentuate the handcrafted textures and dimension beneath, adding subtle depth to your abode.