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Swatch Cards
Our swatch cards are a great way to sample architects, designers and consumers who want individual pieces close at hand. The front features the product and the back lists the various formats available. The swatch cards are contained in a compact swatch box. 

Swatch Cards - Two sizes Swatch Box and Swatch Cards
Swatch Box and Swatch Cards Swatch Box - Fits both sizes of Swatch Cards

Contourz Color Sample Swatch Box Kit
The sleek rectangular box of our Contourz Color Sample Swatch Kit holds 3x3 color swatches of all 18 colors. The underside of the magnetic-close lid shows illustrations of the Contourz patterns and liners.

Contourz Color Swatch Box Contourz Color Swatch Box
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Swatch Cards and Swatch Boxes


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