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Lineal Slate • Mesh Mounted Sheets • Packing: 1.27 sf./sheet • 5 shts/box • 6.35 sf./box • material weight 16.70 lbs/box

Lineal Slate Border • Mesh Mounted • ~4 x 12 sheet (0.34 sf.) • 5 pieces/ box • ~5 linear ft./ box (1.70 sf.) • material weight 5.05 lbs/box





Lineal Slate

Visually textural, yet silky smooth to the touch, Lineal Slate offers some of the smoothest, warmest surfaces in the world of architectural & design stone-based products. In eight earthen colors, rustic to contemporary, it presents a layered composition of a finish as old as time.

Slate is NOT recommended for submerged water installations.

In addition, slates containing significant amounts of iron oxides (which appear as a "rust" color in the slate), are NOT recommended for use in showers, pools, spas, steam showers or exterior wall applications as the oxides may run/bleed.


  Lineal Field Lineal Border  
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