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Visually textural, yet silky smooth to the touch, Honed Slate offers some of the smoothest, warmest surfaces in the world of architectural & design stone-based products. In seven earthen colors, rustic to contemporary, it presents a layered composition of a finish as old as time.

Color Variation: Slate has some of the most dramatic color variations from tile to tile. The chemicals that were present when it formed below the earth over centuries determine the appearance of each individual piece. This means that each individual piece of slate is going to look slightly different from any other.

Slate is NOT recommended for submerged water installations.

In addition, slates containing significant amounts of iron oxides (which appear as a "rust" color in the slate), are NOT recommended for use in showers, pools, spas, steam showers or exterior wall applications as the oxides may run/bleed.

Honed Slate Sizes (All sizes nominal):

3 x 6 (73.20mm  x  148.60mm) • 8 pcs. per sf. • 8 pcs. per box (CA warehouse) / 24 pcs. per box (NJ warehouse)

3 x 9 (73mm x  224mm) • 5.34 pcs. per sf. • 6 pcs. per box (CA warehouse) / 16 pcs. per box (NJ warehouse)

3 x 12 (73mm x 298mm) • 4 pcs. per sf. • 4 pcs. per box (CA warehouse) / 12 pcs. per box (NJ warehouse)

6 x 12 • 2 pcs. per sf. • 6 pcs. per box

12 x 18 • 1.5 sf. per piece • 2 pcs. per box

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