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The rich depth and warmth of slate brings an earthy texture and color to both interior and exterior spaces. Known for its distinctive layered composition, the stone is a time capsule of the earth’s development. An array of colors—ranging from steel gray and moss green to desert gold and black—accents both rustic and contemporary designs. Slate is also a natural complement to today’s stainless steel finishes and chic metallic accents.

Slate is NOT recommended for submerged water installations.

In addition, slates containing significant amounts of iron oxides (which appear as a "rust" color in the slate), are NOT recommended for use in showers, pools, spas, steam showers or exterior wall applications as the oxides may run/bleed.


Slate Borders
Slate Borders
Slate Honed and Cleft
Falling Water Slate
Slate Honed and Cleft
Slate Borders
Pewter Tiles
Range Slate
Tumbled Slate
Shiba and Susuba Interlocking patterns.