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Lunada Bay Tile (LBT) warrants its ceramic products to meet or exceed industry recommended performance standards for ceramic tile. 

In the event of latent defects caused by improper manufacture, LBT will replace any such defective material free of charge FOB Harbor City, CA (installation not included), provided that LBT is notified within one (1) year of installation or within 18 months of shipment of material, whichever occurs first. Installation of any material containing blatant defects, visual or otherwise that were apparent prior to installation, is not covered by this warranty, however LBT will replace any such uninstalled material in accordance with our standard Return Policy.  Any misuse of ceramic products, including negligence, chemical or physical abuse is not covered by this warranty. LBT will not accept responsibility for the performance of its ceramic products where improper installation, faulty design or environmental conditions exist.

Please note that LBT ceramic is hand-made and artistic; our hand-made process incorporates surface effects/variations indicative of hand-made ceramic tile and designed to enhance the final beauty of the project. Several LBT glazes display intentional variation in color, shade, texture and finish which is not visible in a single sample – be sure to refer to our website for glazes that may need additional sampling before ordering. Variation in color, shade, surface texture, and size are natural characteristics of all our products and should be expected. Such normal characteristics are not covered under this warranty as they are considered standard and part of the tiles' overall look and feel.

Most LBT ceramic tile may be used on backsplashes and showers, however LBT ceramic tile is not intended for submerged applications such as pool water lines, spas or fountains. See website for more details.

LBT's liability on any claim shall be limited to the purchase price paid for the product. This limited warranty is intended to supplement or supersede all other Federal, State and Consumer Goods Warranty Protection.

For detailed installation instructions and other important information, please visit LunadaBayTile.com or contact LBT for technical assistance at Ken@LunadaBayTile.com

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