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Mesh-mounted Sheets

Buyi 1 x 1: 1.00 sf./ sheet • 10 sheets/ box = 10.00 sf./ box • material weight 25.60 lbs. per box

Buyi 1 x 1 Blend: 1.11 sf./ sheet • 5 sheets/ box = 5.55 sf./ box • material weight 14.50 lbs. per box

Buyi ½ x 1 Stacked: 1.10 sf./ sheet • 5 sheets/ box = 5.50 sf./ box • material weight 11.85 lbs. per box

Buyi 2 x 2 Offset: 0.83 sf./ sheet • 10 sheets/ box = 8.30 sf./ box • material weight 19.70 lbs/ box

Buyi Spiral: 1.15 sf./ sheet • 5 sheets/ box = 5.60 sf./ box • material weight 13.85 lbs. per box

Buyi Wings Straight: 1.06 sf./ sheet • 5 sheets/ box = 5.30 sf./ box • material weight 15 lbs. per box

Buyi Wings Offset: 1.03 sf./ sheet • 5 sheets/ box = 5.15 sf./ box • material weight 13.40 lbs. per box


Slate Shiba
Installation Guide

Buyi Slate

Visually textural, yet silky smooth to the touch, Buyi Slate offers some of the smoothest, warmest surfaces in the world of architectural & design stone-based products. In eight earthen colors, rustic to contemporary, it presents a layered composition of a finish as old as time.

Slate is NOT recommended for submerged water installations.

In addition, slates containing significant amounts of iron oxides (which appear as a "rust" color in the slate), are NOT recommended for use in showers, pools, spas, steam showers or exterior wall applications as the oxides may run/bleed.


Buyi Mosaic - Color: Barley Slate and Sumi-e Atami
Slate mosaics in honed and cleft finishes.
Mosaic Blend
Honed slate mosaics accented with Sumi-e glass 1 x 1 mosaic tiles.
Honed slate accented with Sumi-e glass mosaic tiles.
Buyi Wings with Marbleized
Slate honed and cleft mosaics with open squares for slate, glass or pewter accents.
Honed slate spiral accented with Sumi-e glass mini mosaic tiles.
Wings Straight with Marbleized
Honed slate wings accented with Marbleized glass wings mosaic tiles.
Buyi Wings with Marbleized    
Wings Offset with Tozen
Honed slate wings accented with Tozen glass wings mosaic tiles.